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Working with Wochna

Working With Wochna Law Firm

By engaging me as your fixed-fee Electronic Discovery Co-Counsel in criminal defense matters, you will maximize your focus and analysis upon the forensic and legal strategies underlying your defense representation. You will receive more comprehensive support and analysis than can be provided by a non-lawyer, vendor-trained forensic expert. Significantly, you will learn "ways of thinking" about the technical aspects of electronic evidence that will dramatically improve your issue-spotting capabilities and leverage your criminal defense legal experience.


Five Stars "I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Wochna in 2016 when I retained him as an expert witness for a criminal case in which I was Defendant's counsel. During this time. I found that Mr. Wochna has an excellent ability to understand difficult concepts as well as the ability to incorporate these concepts into a legal analysis. Moreover, on numerous occasions as my expert witness, he demonstrated his ability to communicate these concepts and his legal analysis in a manner that is understandable to a person who does not have his expertise. Specifically, as my expert witness. Mr. Wochna had the arduous task of analyzing data on a number of computers and educating me on what that data could tell us about our client's activities on those devices. Upon completing his analysis, he was able to apply the information he deduced from the data on the computers to the charges in the indictment in order to assist me in developing an effective strategy for my client's defense." — Ryan S. Bundy, White Collar Crime Attorney, Carlile Patchen & Murphy

Five Stars "His communication and analytic skills are exceptional; especially when explaining technical aspects of digital information as part of legal arguments embedded in a brief or pleading. Using some of the paradigms and metaphors that he has shared with me, I have been able to understand and strategically use forensic digital information to achieve vital legal objectives in litigation without becoming a "computer geek." — Jeff Patter, Esq. Managing Partner, Carlile Patchen & Murphy 2018 

Five Stars "I have worked with Don the last several years on matters involving analyzing and understanding complex computer forensics. He responded promptly with in depth analysis written in clear understandable prose and was quick to respond to questions. He is an excellent writer with the ability to understand complex issues and to clearly convey them." — H. Ritchey Hollenbaugh, former President of the Ohio State Bar Association, Columbus Bar Association, and American Bar Association Board of Governors

Five Stars "Don, I will be glad to write a letter. I'm now living in Arizona, mostly retired, but still Of Counsel with the firm. Your skills will fit well with the Supreme Court, but I hope you're not giving up your expert assistance with computer cases. I could never have kept our client out of prison without your understanding and explanation of the data collected by BCI. All the best, Ritchey" — Email dated March 22, 2018 from H. Ritchey Hollenbaugh

Five Stars "As the Information Security Officer and Manager of Cybersecurity of US Acute Care Solutions, I have worked directly with Donald Wochna since December 2012.... My cybersecurity department has seen a direct and immediate benefit in partnering with Donald Wochna through accelerated issue resolution via his expert counsel.... [He] did an exceptional job at guiding us in researching, analyzing, selecting, and as a result, we have been implementing new and improved cybersecurity plans in an abbreviated time period....Overall my experience in working with Donald Wochna has been outstanding. He has proven to be dedicated, knowledgeable, and trustworthy." — Hayden Pritchard, CISM, HCISSP; Information Security Officer, Manager of Cybersecurity; US Acute Care Solutions