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Your Co-Counsel Criminal Defense Attorney With Digital Forensics Expertise

Most Criminal Defense attorneys engage me as Electronic Discovery Co-Counsel or as consulting/testifying expert. As your co-counsel/expert I support you in your role as Trial Counsel. I provide you insightful, understandable, and strategic analysis of the computer/cell phone artifacts identified by the prosecutor's forensic expert(s) and set forth in preliminary reports, supervening indictments, search warrants, affidavits, investigative reports, etc. This analysis may be essential in forming defenses and rendering effective assistance of counsel, especially in complex white-collar crime, theft of intellectual property, cyberbullying, stalking, national security matters, and contraband cases.

I also identify supplemental information and/or artifacts to be extracted by the prosecutor's forensic expert that will corroborate defenses or refute elements of criminal charges. I can assist you to prepare written requests (or motions to compel) the production of electronic information, including the instructions that can be followed to configure forensic tools to extract and produce information alleged to be contraband or subject to national security protection.

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Backed by the Knowledge Your Case Needs

You can rely on me to provide you a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution's investigative framework, configuration and limitations of forensic tools, protocols, and procedures used in a case, classification of evidentiary files and artifacts, and the accuracy and precision of expert conclusions, explanations, and/or other testimony.

At your direction, I can assist in setting client expectations, conducting plea negotiations, or attending other meetings, drafting memorandum, etc. Where relevant, I can assist you to understand and explain the federal civil liabilities that may arise from any state or federal plea agreement or deferred prosecution agreement.

In many engagements, I provide an expert report(s) identifying and analyzing the digital forensic artifacts related to issues in your case. This expert report may become the basis of testimony when required.

As your Electronic Discovery Co-Counsel, I assist you to prepare for and conduct effective cross-examination of forensic expert(s), and I can sit second or third chair to issue-spot and offer insight during trial.

I perform all services for a fixed fee of Seven thousand Five Hundred dollars. This fee includes all services needed through verdict, plea, dismissal, etc. My engagement fee compares favorably with fees charged by vendor-trained experts that frequently exceed fifteen thousand dollars and include no legal analysis or strategy.