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Comprehensive Criminal Defense &  Digital Forensic Expertise
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Don Wochna, Experienced Attorney & Forensic Expert

Don Wochna

I am one of a few experienced litigators in the United States to have been certified as a Computer and Mobile Device Forensic Examiner, and to have testified in federal and state courts.  Beginning in 1999, I focused the Wochna Law Firm on criminal defense cases in which evidence is found on computers, cell phones, and/or networks. Leveraging my 37 years practicing law and my 20 years as a consulting and testifying digital forensic expert, I accept engagements from Criminal Defense attorneys and law firms in the United States looking to leverage a strategic insight into electronic evidence that can only be delivered by an attorney who is also an electronic evidence expert.

In 1983, I obtained my law degree from the Law School, University of Chicago where I first observed the need for simple and effective explanations of complicated technical concepts that underlie many criminal defense matters in a modern electronic society. I strive for explanations that are understood by attorneys, judges, clients, and jurors that do not have significant technical backgrounds. Contact me today to give your case the edge it needs. Learn More »

Flat Fee: $7,500 Per Engagement

No Time or Hourly Limit · Engagement Runs Through Disposition Of Case At Trial Level
Strategic Pricing Available

for Firms with Whom I Develop an ongoing Business Relationship

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